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The 2020 Annual General Meeting - Accommodation Options

The photo at the top of this page shows a courtyard in Riad l’Orangeraie (Photo Riad l’Orangeraie)

All reserved riads are full. 2 Ciels Hotel in Gueliz still has good availability. Those wishing to stay in the Medina should focus their search in the MOUASSINE district to be near to the bus pick up at the BAB KSOUR gate. Click here for a map of the Bab Ksour Gate and the Mouassine district.

In Marrakech you can opt to stay in the Medina or in Gueliz, the new town. We have reserved excellent accommodation in both until 31 January.

Buses will pick up from both Hotel 2Ciels and from the gate to the medina called Bab Ksour which is near all our riads. You are free to make your own accommodation arrangements however you are encouraged to take advantage of the convenience and comfort offered in our selected hotel and all our riads.

Medina and the Riad Experience

The medina is the historical quarter of Marrakech and is bound by 18 km of rammed earth "pisé" walls interspersed with 20 gates or "babs". A stay at a traditional riad within in the medina is a quintessential Marrakech experience. Because there are now over 1000 riads to choose from and to walk from one edge to another of the medina will take you over an hour on myriad streets with uneven paving teaming with donkeys, scooters, traders and tourists plus very few signposts we strongly recommend that participants consider the three wonderful riads which have been optioned for our exclusive use. All are located in the Mouassine district, within 200m of each other and 500m of our bus pick up point the Bab Ksour gate. All offer you the warmest hospitality and excellent service in characterful properties with individually designed rooms. Each riad offers varying room rates to match their individuality! 

A courtyard in Riad Snan 13 (Riad Snan 13)

Booking Procedure and Payment for MGS Riads

Riad L’Orangeraie - 9 en-suite rooms. Courtyard plunge pool, roof terrace, large rooms and great hospitality from Cyril and his local team Ismail, Aziz, Jemal.

Riad Snan 13 - 6 en-suite rooms. Cool shady patio and plunge pool, panoramic roof terrace, comfortable rooms run by Barcelona born Xavier.

Riad Le J - 4 en-suite rooms. A cosy riad with a homely feel, bright fresh décor and a panoramic terrace at a very good price. The riad is run by Antonio and Stefania from Italy.

Riad Cancellation Policies - Each Riad operates its own cancellation policies and you must contact them for the terms and conditions.

Arrival at your Riad - On arrival at Menara airport your riad will organize a taxi transfer to the medina from the airport at the cost of €20 which will be added to your bill on check out. From Bab Ksour a staff member from each riad will meet you and accompany you and your bags on foot.

Detail of one of the decorated ceilings at Riad Le J (Riad Le J)

Gueliz New Town

2Ciels Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa - Situated in Gueliz Marrakech's new town this is a four-star modern hotel with a stunning rooftop swimming pool and terrace and lovely, large bright bedrooms. It is situated on a wide leafy street with the greenery of El Haarti gardens in front. It is a Dhs 30 (€3) taxi ride to the Medina (for dinners or exploring) but affords guests an escape from that hustle and bustle. Our tour buses will pick up directly outside so this is the best option for anyone who is looking for convenience during the tour. Room rates are quoted in Moroccan Dirhams which is a convertible currency. The euro rate quoted here is equivalent as of the publication date and is indicative only.

Booking Procedure

2Ciels Hotel Cancellation Policy  

Arrival at 2Ciels Hotel - You will be met by the transfer service for the hotel. The cost of the transfer is MAD 300 and will be added to your bill on check out.

The roof terrace and pool at 2Ciels (Hotel 2Ciels)

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