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Morocco Tour - Optional Excursions

The photo at the top of this page shows a view of Chefchaouen "the Blue Pearl" of Morocco (photo Tripadvisor)

For Tangier One to Marrakech

One Day Excursion Tangier - Chefchaouen - Tangier
On Friday 9 September travel partner Ame Adventure is offering a day trip and guided visit to Chefchaouen from Tangier. This is Morocco’s famous blue town with hilly winding streets, cafés, several museums and the local mosque. And of course there's shopping, with a number of fascinating handicrafts available at various shops, along with a particular local speciality, the typical Moroccan garment known as the djellaba, which actually originated here.
Cost per Person: Euro 105 based on 2 persons.  Euro 88 based on 4 persons.
Contact if you wish to take advantage this option.

For Marrakech to Tangier Two 

Optional 3 Day Excursion
Marrakech - Fes - Chefchaouen - Tangier

Ame Adventure has put together a great introduction to the Moroccan culture. After your stay in Marrakech you will head to Fes to the north. As you are moving into the heart of the Middle Atlas, the scenery changes dramatically towards Fes. The medieval city of Fes will take you centuries back to the intrigues of a mixed culture of Moorish, Jewish, Berber and Arab culture. On the way to Tangier, you will drive through the charming city of Chefchaouen that lies in the Rif mountains. You will be escorted by a Moroccan English-speaking leader and local guides will be used in the main sites.

Day 1 - Thursday 15 September
Marrakech - Fes

Your driver meets you at your hotel. You leave the Red city behind and head north east to Fes. The road crosses the Haouz plain before the undulating foothills of the Central High Atlas. The fertile plain of Beni Melal shows the Moroccan modern agriculture, this region is also called ‘Little California’. As you climb steadily towards the Anti Atlas the scenery becomes greener and changes to Atlas Cedar forests. Before arriving at Fes, you will pass by Ifrane, a university town and also known for winter holidays.
Driving 480 km, approx. 8 hrs
Overnight Riad

Day 2 - Friday 16 September
Fez is one of the most preserved medieval Islamic cities in the world. The cultural visit starts at Fes El Balli with the Royal Palace entrance, and the Jewish Quarter. You will then drive to the South Borj, above the Merinides tombs, for a panoramic view of the whole Medina of Fes. You then take a detour to the ceramic factory showing the skilled artisans of the blue tiles of Fes before starting a walking tour of the old Medina. Your local guide will accompany you through the very narrow streets leading into different quarters of the souk showing various crafts and to the famous tanneries. The other historical major sites are the Karaouine Mosque, the Attarine Medersas, and the Nejjarine place with the old caravanserai museum. The tour can also include some gardens such as Jnane Sbil and Dar Batha Museum gardens.

Day 3 - Saturday 17 September
Fes - Chefchaouen - Tangier
After a memorable stay in Fes, you will journey on the shadow of the wild, rugged Rif Mountain range that defines the physical boundary between Europe and Africa to reach Chefchaouen, one of the most visited towns in the north. Chefchaouen lies between two mountains with its blue-washed Medina, probably the prettiest in the north and offers great opportunities for sightseeing to soak the atmosphere of this mixed culture of native Berbers and Muslims and Jewish refugees from Spain. Late afternoon you will head to Tangier, your last destination in time for welcome drinks and dinner.
Approx. 325km, approx. 5 hrs
Cost in Euro per person: Euro 560 based on 2 persons, Euro 420 based on 3 persons, Euro 349 based on 4 persons Euro 307 based on 5 persons, Euro 279 based on 6 persons

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