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The photograph at the top of this page shows an almond tree shading the garden courtyard of a house in Pompeii, Italy, buried 2,000 years ago by the eruption of Vesuvius (Photo Alisdair Aird)

Edited by Caroline Harbouri, The Mediterranean Garden is a journal by and for members of the Mediterranean Garden Society. Expressing their knowledge, experience and sometimes failures, members from all over the world send Caroline articles within the broad subject of mediterranean plants and gardens. She also welcomes book reviews, sundries and letters to the editor. Although the MGS now has an internet Forum for direct discussion of mediterranean plants and gardening, TMG continues to be the chief means of disseminating knowledge among members. Many fine artists from among our members illustrate the articles with line drawings which make the journal so distinctive.

is a quarterly journal issued in January, April, July and October.

Back issues are available from the Secretary at 8 Euros per copy including postage.

You can consult a complete index, by subject, of all volumes of TMG that have been published so far.

A full list of Journal back issues and their contents can be found in the (non-responsive) MGS Archive.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 102, October 2020

The pandemic has kept some MGS members apart from their mediterranean gardens.We read about the floral events that are being missed in a garden in Sicily and about the summer dormancy in the garden at Sparoza, and how we can approach this 'off season' by creating harmony with sensibility.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 2, Autumn 1995

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Building on the warm reception for the first edition, TMG No. 2 has contributions from mediterranean climate zones around the world, including some useful advice on growing Agapanthus and on propagating Australian plants.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 101, July 2020

During the time of global pandemic, MGS members in Southern California write about their gardens and how important they are to them in the midst of crisis. We are also transported to the Greek island of Andros where we can enjoy the creation of a garden in harmony with the local environment.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 1, Summer 1995

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The very first edition of The Mediterranean Garden that set the style of the Journal which embodies all that the MGS represents. Skilfully edited by Caroline Harbouri, for 25 years TMG has brought together MGS members with expert writing and delightful illustrations from mediterranean climates around the world.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 100, April 2020

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The 100th edition of The Mediterranean Garden features a review of Sparoza, the MGS garden and the gardening philosophy developed there that we now all share. We also take a close look at lithops, those fascinating 'living stones'.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 99, January 2020

In our 25th Anniversary year, we share the highlights from the AGM in Athens and the Pre-AGM tour in Corfu followed by a tour of the Pelion peninsular.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 98, October 2019

Two islands feature in this edition. We begin in Lokrum, Croatia, where the gardens created by Archduke Maximilian of Austria are about to be restored. We then travel along the Adriatic coast to Corfu to learn about the development of a contemporary garden over the course of the gardenerís lifetime.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 97, July 2019

Unusually generous rainfall last summer and winter: we hear how the MGS garden at Sparoza has responded in this ĎAnnus Mirabilisí. We also travel to the south of France to visit the private Island of Bendor to see how the garden vision of its creator has stood the test of time.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 96, April 2019

Indigenous plants feature in this edition. We travel to California to explore the typical Chaparral vegetation in California native gardens at the end of winter. We then go to the Pelion peninsular in Greece to enjoy the wide variety of grasses that are native to the area, and which we can feature in our water-wise garden designs.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 95, January 2019

We accompany a botanist on his tour of northern Tunisia and share the highlights from the AGM in Alicante followed by a tour of Valencia.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 94, October 2018

A visit to Lazio and Umbria in Italy with a  delightful mix of visits to gardens, both private and public, nurseries and small, medieval towns in central Italy. Also a look back at the early days of the garden at Sparoza.

The Mediterranean Garden
No 93, July 2018

Old and new gardens in Corfu and an article about growing endemic and endangered species in Cyprus are illustrated in this issue.

Caroline Harbouri - Editor of The Mediterranean Garden
Caroline Harbouri was born in London and received a BA degree from Cambridge University in English and French. She has lived in Greece since 1971. She has been working for the past twenty-nine years as a free-lance editor and as a translator of Greek works (ranging from medical papers to fiction) into English. In 1998 and 1999 one of her translations was short-listed for the Weidenfeld Translation Prize and the Aristeion European Translation Prize respectively. Under the name Petrie Harbouri she is a writer of fiction; her three novels, Graffiti (1998), Our Lady of the Serpents (1999) and The Brothers Carburi (2001) are all published by Bloomsbury, London. She is a founder member of the Mediterranean Garden Society. She was joint editor with Derek Toms of the first issues of its quarterly journal, The Mediterranean Garden, and since spring 1996 has been its sole editor.

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