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The Society’s aim is to provide members with at least one trip per year, usually during the Spring. The programme was disrupted by the pandemic in 2021. Watch this page for details of future tours.

Some past trips

Morocco - Marrakech - September 2022
The programme included 14 varied and delightful garden visits. The final day was held in the Yves Saint Laurent complex where Director and Garden Designer Madison Cox gave a talk, the private Villa Oasis and the world-famous Jardin Majorelle.

Morocco - Tangier - September 2022
This tour which was held both pre and post the Marrakech trip visited the magical North African port city that has seduced generations of writers, artists, designers and personalities. They built stunning homes and gardens. We had a unique opportunity to visit some of these gardens as well as to explore the colours, textures and beauty of this vibrant town.

Jordan - Spring 2020
Despite being cut short due to the global pandemic, this visit to Jordan provided fascinating insights to the history, culture and of course the flora of the country. We hope to return one day.

The Canary Islands - February 2019
A memorable tour of the islands of Tenerife and Gomera. We visited three interesting and unusual botanic gardens, but the main emphasis was on the islands' native plants, including many endemics, in their natural habitats - often, landscapes of great and remarkably varied beauty.

Lazio and Umbria - May 2018
A delightful mix of visits to gardens, both private and public, nurseries and small, medieval towns in central Italy. The week-long tour included Ninfa, considered by many to be a contender for the most beautiful garden in the world. Abridged report from The Mediterranean Garden No. 94 by John Joynes.

To see illustrated descriptions of other previous trips click here to go to the (non-responsive) MGS Archive.

The photographs at the top of this page show past trips to: Jordan (Photo by Jorun Tharaldsen); Epirus (John Joynes); Israel (Jorun Tharaldsen); Sardinia (Alisdair Aird); Morocco (Alisdair Aird) and South Africa (Sergio Ungaro).

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