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In Bloom at Sparoza

The photo at the top of this page shows dawn over Sparoza as viewed from the water cistern in November (Photo Lucinda Willan)

With nearly 1,000 different plants in the collection, you can always find something in bloom in the MGS garden at Sparoza. Gardener Lucinda Willan is currently working at Sparoza and would like to share with you her favourite plants as they come into flower throughout the year.

Photos are by Lucinda Willan, unless stated otherwise

Click or tap on pictures of the flowers to enlarge the photo and read when the plant blooms and where to find it in the garden. To see a map of Sparoza with the names of garden zones go here. To read Lucinda’s detailed descriptions of the plants, please follow Sparoza Garden on Instagram.

  • February - Cyclamen persicum

  • February - Chasmanthe floribunda

  • February - Retama raetam

  • February - Hardenbergia violacea

  • February - Iris tuberosa

  • February - Prunus dulcis

  • January - Iris unguicularis

  • January - Thymelaea hirsuta

  • January - Narcissus papyraceus

  • December - Anemone coronaria

  • December - Freylinia lanceolata

  • December - Cascabela thevetia ‘Alba’

  • December - Aloe arborescens

  • December - Dietes iriodes

  • November - Crocus cartwrightianus

  • November - Montanoa grandiflora

  • November - Crocus Goulimyi

  • November - Narcissus obsoletus

  • November - Prospero autumnale

  • November - Muehlenbeckia platyclada

  • November - Bulbine frutescens ‘Hallmark’

  • October - Mandragora autumnalis

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