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A Gallery of Aloes

The photograph at the top of this page shows Aloe andongensis in the Mount Coottha Botanic Garden, Brisbane (Photo Wiki Commons)

Mediterranean Garden Society member Andrew Sloan, who gardens in southern Spain, has a magnificent collection of aloes which he has photographed for us as a resource for all those interested in growing and identifying this eye-catching genus. In his article on aloes in The Mediterranean Garden Andrew describes how he has planted aloes as part of his succulent garden. He also lists the different categories into which aloes are divided with their meanings. These categories are used in the descriptions he gives of each species. 

If you have any questions or comments, bring them to the MGS Forum. Click or tap on pictures to enlarge.

  • Aloe andongensis

  • Aloe arborescens

  • Aloe arborescens

  • Aloe arenicola

  • Aloe austroarabica

  • Aloe brevifolia

  • Aloe broomii

  • Aloe buhrii

  • Aloe bulbillifera var paulianae

  • Aloe camperi

  • Aloe castanea

  • Aloe chabaudii

  • Aloe cheranganiensis

  • Aloe ciliaris

  • Aloe claviflora

  • Aloe dichotoma

  • Aloe divaricata

  • Aloe dorotheae

  • Aloe dyeri

  • Aloe elegans

  • Aloe elgonica

  • Aloe ellenbeckii

  • Aloe ferox

  • Aloe ferox

  • Aloe fosteri

  • Aloe framesii

  • Aloe gariepensis

  • Aloe grandidentata

  • Aloe grisea

  • Aloe helenae

  • Aloe humilis

  • Aloe immaculata

  • Aloe jacksonii  

  • Aloe jibisana

  • Aloea juvenna

  • Aloe karasbergensis

  • Aloe khamiesensis

  • Aloe krapohliana var dumoulinii

  • Aloe lateritia var graminicola

  • Aloe maculata

  • Aloe marlothii

  • Aloe melanacantha

  • Aloe nyeriensis

  • Aloe peckii

  • Aloe pendens

  • Aloe perfoliata

  • Aloe perryi

  • Aloe pillansii

  • Aloe plicatilis

  • Aloe prinslooi

  • Aloe prinslooi

  • Aloe pseudorubroviolacea

  • Aloe reitzii

  • Aloe rubrodonta

  • Aloe rupestris

  • Aloe secundiflora

  • Aloe secundiflora

  • Aloe sinkatana

  • Aloe striata

  • Aloe striatula

  • Aloe suprafoliata

  • Aloe thraskii

  • Aloe thraskii

  • Aloe tormentosa

  • Aloe vaombe

  • Aloe variegata

  • Aloe vera

  • Aloe vogtsii

  • Aloe wickensii

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