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The members of the Balearic branch are as diverse as our Islands. The Balearics are a melting pot where people from all over Europe and abroad enjoy the Mediterranean climate and cultural diversity.

We are amateurs, professionals or absolute beginners, but we all appreciate learning about gardens and landscapes, sharing knowledge or simply having good conversations under the shadow of a tree.

Our current Branch Head is Pacu Izard Segalà (biography). Active and prospective members are encouraged to contact him by email.

Activities and challenges
Global warming is happening and these Islands can play and important role to exchange expertise. The increasing environmental protection is fostering their role as a scientific crossroad. For this reason, we are promoting educational activities in addition to garden visits, plant exchanges, botanical outings and other meetings. The aim of the Balearic branch is to promote the interaction and networking in a friendly atmosphere. Eveybody can observe, comment, ask and enjoy!

The photograph at the top of this page shows Finca d’Ariant, Mallorca. These waterwise gardens were created by former MGS President Heidi Gildemeister; her 1,000-hectare estate here has been made over to the Fundación Vida Silvestre Mediterránea - FVSM, dedicated to preservation of the rare black vultures. The MGS visited during the 2018 pre-AGM tour. Photo: Alisdair Aird.

For older reports and articles please check out the archived (non-responsive) Balearics branch page.

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Versión española

Branch Head Pacu Izard Segalà writes: "My passion is to share and disseminate knowledge about landscapes. As the fifth generation of a gardening family, I believe that the core feature of our profession is to accept that nature always wins and to enjoy the entailed constant change. With my wife Katharina, we deliver plants and cooperate with landscapers, helping them to find the right plant palette. We have an experimental nursery at the driest area of Mallorca, where we regenerate a degraded landscape and propagate native and endemic plants. Finally, we also enjoy designing and slowly executing a very few gardens."

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