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In France, MGS members reside in all regions but most of us are in the South of France: Occitanie and Provence. Our gardens can be very different depending on the local climate and conditions: temperatures that fall more or less low in winter, and depending on whether they are steep or flat, seaside or inland but always with the challenge of water management.

The aims of the French Branch are to

Current and prospective members are welcome to contact the General Secretary by email and to follow the Branch on the MGS French language website.

The photograph at the top of this page shows the experimental garden of Olivier Filippi at Mèze, close to Montpellier, specialising in plants that are adapted to particularly difficult conditions: prolonged summer drought, strong winds, sudden cold and poor soil. His work has been a source of inspiration to many MGS members. (Photo: Yvonne Barton)

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