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The drawing of Sarcopoterium spinosum and a vetch on the cover is by Maggie Niagassas

The photo at the top of this page shows Garden Assistant László Máté Tálas doing tree surgery at Sparoza (Photo Lucinda Willan)

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President:  2022: An Important Year

From the President: Gardening Friendships

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Australia: The Changing Face of Botanical Gardens
   Peter de Figueiredo

Snowfall and Change at Sparoza
   Lucinda Willan

Acanthaceae - Not Just Acanthus
   Fran Faul

Notes on Some Greek Oregano Species

An Enclosed Garden in Melbourne
   Geoff Crowhurst

An Abundance of Flowers and Spines
   Michael Athen

Salvias at Sparoza Revisited
   Caroline Harbouri

Sages in a California Garden
   Katherine Greenberg

Something Utterly Divine – Explorations in Albania
   László Máté Tálas

The Blue Bower
   Lindsay Blyth

The South of France in Winter
   Eile Gibson




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