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The cover drawing of Helichrysum italicum, the curry plant, is by Veronica Hadjiphani Lorenzetti.

The photo at the top of this page shows the garden of Sibylle Mattern in Andalucia, the view towards the north one morning in August (Photo Sibylle Mattern)

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Plants: Painting Them, Eating Them

Making a Garden in Andalusia Part 2
   Sibylle Mattern

All Things Grey
   Geoff Crowhurst

Benefits of Silver-Leaved Plants
   Mark Barnett

Some Grey and Silver Plants
   Caroline Harbouri

Mediterranean Plants for Bees: The Loquat and its Autumn Flowers
   Erika Mayr

Is My Garden Mediterranean?
   Caroline Davies

The Rewilding of My Garden
   Jean Vaché

The Fig
   Freda Cox

Reflections on Humans, Gardens and the Planet
Virginia Scaretti

Further Mediterranean Musings
   David Bracey

Obituary: Otto Fauser
   Fermi de Sousa & Caroline Davies

Poem: Vravron

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