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The cover drawing of two acacias, A farnesiana (left) and A.saligna (right), is by Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti.

The photograph at the top of this page shows Iris ‘Sea Power’ as seen at the specialist nursery Iris Umbria during the MGS trip to Lazio and Umbria (Photo Iris Umbria)

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Exciting Times Ahead

A Garden of a Lesser God
   Ann Semaan Beisch

A Native Mediterranean Garden
   Heidi Gildemeister

Hibiscus Species
   John Joynes

A Generous Seed Donor
   Chantal Guiraud

The Story of a Non-Grass ‘Lawn’
   Kate Marcelin-Rice

Remembering a Garden on a Greek Hillside - Sparoza 1979-80: Part 1
   Graham Kendall

Sparoza, A Mediterranean House in its Mediterranean Garden
   Margaret Lim Zafiropulo

Guilty or Not Guilty?
   Freda Cox

A Novice Growing a Vegetable Garden in Edinburgh
   Stelios Deverakis

RHS Plant Trials
   Sabatino Urzo

MGS Excursion to Lazio and Umbria 2018: A Purely Personal Perspective
   John Joynes




The Contributors

The cover drawing of two acacias, A. farnesiana (left) and A. saligna (right), is by Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti.

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