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Sparoza - The Desert

The photograph at the top of this page shows the Desert in January (Photo Lucinda Willan)

The area dividing the "threshing floor" from the gravelled entrance to the property is generally known as "the desert" because of its extremely dry and inhospitable conditions; it includes Pinus halepensis, a huge Agave filifera more than 40 years old, a towering single-trunked Yucca, taller than the pines and home to many nesting birds, Iris germanica and the impressive Eurphorbia dendroides covered in lime-green inflorescences in spring then bare and dormant in summer.

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1. Senecio fulgens
2. Haworthia fasciata
3. Rhamnus alaternus
4. Cneorum tricoccon
5. Ruschia perfoliata
6. Dasylirion
7. Pinus halepensis
8. Agave americana 'Variegata'
9. Yucca filifera
10. Lavandula dentata
11. Aloe sp.
12. Narcissus sp.
13. Agave americana – now deceased
14. Medicago arborea
15. Pistacia lentiscus
16. Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'
17. Crassula ovata
18. Sedum ?
19. Euphorbia dendroides
20. Kalanchoe
21. Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
23. Iris germanica
24. Mix of bulbs
25. Aurinia saxatilis

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