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Sparoza - The Hillside

The photograph at the top of this page shows Anemone coronaria on the Hillside in January (Photo Lucinda Willan)

The Hillside is a wild garden where the spontaneous flora is encouraged and added to selectively, over which winding paths have been made. To the existing olive trees other trees have been added (pines, cypress trees and carobs). A great many annuals self-seed here as well as bulbs, both spring flowering Muscari neglectum, M. comosum and autumn-flowering Urginea maritima, Sternbergia lutea and S. sicula and Cyclamen graecum. Newly-planted trees are watered once a week during their first two summers; apart from this, the hillside receives no irrigation at all. In the winter of 2001 Sally and Jennifer Gay planted 50 Cupressus sempervirens, these were watered for the first five years. They provide wonderful focal points and structure upon the hillside. 

Winding paths were created by David Priestley and Jennifer Gay in 2001. The paths provide access to these areas to view the carpets of flowers in the various seasons, including Scilla autumnale, Papaver rhoeas, Muscari commutatum, Anemone coronaria. There is a vehicle track up the hill where we reach the furthest boundary of the garden and look out towards the mountains.

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1. Teucrium fruticans 'Azureum'
2. Pistacia lentiscus
3. Euphorbia characias
4. Plumbago auriculata
5. Salvia microphylla
6. Centaurea cineraria
7. Iris germanica
8. Pelargonium
9. Olea europea
10. Eucalyptus globulus
11. Bulbine fruticans
12. Crocosmia
13. Aloe sp.
14. Ruscus aculeatus + Ruscus Hypophylum
15, Pittosporum tobira
16, Rosmarinus sp.
17. Phlomis fruticosa
18. Vinca major
19. Rosmarinus repens
20. Nerium oleander
21. Cneorum tricoccon
22. Rhamnus alaternus
23. Aurinia saxatilis
24. Pinus halepensis
25. Jasminum mesnyi
26. Medicago arborea
27. Artemisia arborescens
28. Cypressus sp.
29. Thuja orientalis
30. Bupleurum fruticosum
31. Hypericum empetrifolium
32. Arbutus unedo
32. Querrcus coccifera
33. Pinus halepensis
34. Thevetia peruviana
35. Pelargonium + Senecio tamoides
36. Trachelospermum jasminoides

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