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Sparoza - Shrubbery

The photograph at the top of this page shows the Shrubbery in April (Photo Lucinda Willan)

To the right of the front door which faces west the "shrubbery" is a wide bed with roses including large specimens of ‘Iceberg’ and Rosa hugonis planted by Jaqueline Tyrwhitt in the early 1970s, as well as tender plants that benefit from the sheltered position such as Melianthus major, Echium candicans and Plumbago auriculata. The wall of the house accommodates a Macfadyena unguis-cati which is cut right down every few years but soon races back up to the roof.

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1. Duranta erecta
2. Spirea x vanhouteii
3. Phlomis fruticosa
4. Jasminum polyanthum
5. Euonymus japonicus
6. Salvia microphylla
7. Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
8. Pelargonium
9. Portulacaria afra
10. Oenothera speciosa
11. Phlomis fruticosa
12. Salvia sp.
13. Plectranthus
14. Aloe ciliaris
15. Clematis flammula
16. Oxalis purpurea
18. Lavandula multifida
19. Thevetia peruviana
20. Fern ?
21. Haworthia fasciata
22. Pistacia lentiscus
23. Barleria cristata
24. Echinopsis sp.
25. Rosa 'Duchesse de Brabant'
26. Hardenbergia violacea
27. Nepeta faassenii ‘Six Hills Giant’
28. Helichrysum orientalis
29. Dasylirion
30. Plumbago auriculata
31. Dolichandra unguis-cati
32. Melianthus major
33. Photinia
34. Rosa "Iceberg"
35. Lavandula dentata
36. Pelargonium
37. Rosa 'Nevada'
38. Teucrium fruticans 'Azureum'
39. Agapanthus praecox
40. Vinca major
41. Rosa hugonis
42. Freylinia lanceolata
43. Cercis siliquastrum
44. Bulbine fruticans
45. Juniperus communis + Tradescantia sillamontana (pot)
46. Bougainvillea (white)
47. Rosa sp.
48. Pittosporum tobira
49. Bergenia crassifolia
50. Epiphyllum oxypetalum
51. Haemanthus coccineus
52. Olea europea
53. Eriocephalus africanus
54. Salvia fruticosa
55. Cotyledon orbiculata var ‘Macrantha’
56. Iris germanica
57. Tulbaghia violacea
58. Muscari armeniacum
59. Tradescantia pallida
60. Nerine
61. Bougainvillea (purple)


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