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The cover illustration of palms in the garden of the Villa Whitaker, Malfitano, Sicily is by John Jefferis

The photo at the top of this page shows an April view of Searsia lancea in the MGS garden at Sparoza
(Photo by Davina Michaelides)

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: The 100th Edition of TMG

Sparoza: What the Garden Is (and Isn't)
   Caroline Harbouri

Remembering Raymond Sanders
   Valerie Osborne-Androutsopoulou

The Seasonal Joys of Growing Bulbs
   Gloria Leinbach

Visiting a True Garden of Rest
   Christoph Wieschus

The Carob (Ceratonia siliqua)
   Judy Thomas

A Tree for Our Time: The Carob
   Simon Windeler

Lithops Cultivation
   Andrew Sloan

What’s in a Name: Scilla peruviana
   Seán O’Hara

A New Biological System - A New Hope
   Ángel Pérez Sánchez

Discovering Wild Flowers in Corfu
   Clare Doig

My Year Without a Garden
   Julie Kinney

What to Plant?
   Geoff Crowhurst

A Favourite Tree: Cussonia paniculata
   Margot Tobin

Trailing Rosemary
   Eile Gibson

A First Look at Greece: A Botanical Tour at 80 Kilometres Per Hour
   Cheryl Renshaw

Do You See?
   Elayne Moisey



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