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The cover illustration is a linocut of Protea neriifolia × susannae by Chris Callaghan

The photo at the top of this page shows Aloe sp. in bloom under an island of olive trees at Sparoza
(Photo by Marie Ruffier-Monet)

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: 2020 - Keeping Positive

Sensibility and Sparoza
   Marie Ruffier-Monet

Managing Bushfire Risks in Gardens in Mediterranean-Climate Regions: Part 2  
   Trevor Nottle

Gardening in Pots – The Pluses and Minuses
   Caroline Davies

Second Gardens
   Frances Shaw

Gardens in Lockdown
   Lesley Dellagana

The Mystery of the Citrus Tree
   Michael Athen

Blue in the Riot and Restraint Garden
   Margot Tobin

Preparing to Say Goodbye
   Marian Dowling

The Japanese Persimmon: Diospyros kaki
   Chevrel Traher

Bulbs for Planting in the Autumn
   Eile Gibson

A Call to Arms
   David Davis

Garden Wars
   Michael Brooks

Obituary: Richard Tiede
   Jean-Pierre Bouchez




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