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Sparoza - The South Shrubbery

The photograph at the top of this page shows the South Shrubbery in September (Photo Lucinda Willan)

The South Shrubbery hugs the external wall of Walled Garden and consists of two beds that surround a small circular terrace with bistro table and chairs. The space is framed by mature trees on each side - a Jacaranda mimosifolia and two Ailanthus altissima. The planting is dominated by large shrubs, a Lycianthes rantonnetii, Vitex agnus-castus and Duranta erecta in the western bed and a large sprawling Abutilon pictum ‘Thompsonii’ in the other. One plant of particular note growing on the wall next to the Abutilon is the tapeworm plant, Muehlenbeckia platyclada, grown from a cutting taken from a taverna on one of Cycladic Islands.

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  1. Limoniastrum monopetalum
  2. Acanthus mollis
  3. Rosmarinus Prostratus Group
  4. Rosa sp.
  5. Lavandula dentata
  6. Duranta erecta
  7. Syringa pubescens subsp. microphylla
  8. Zantedeschia aethiopica
  9. Iris x germanica
  10. Vitex agnus-castus
  11. Eriocephalus africanus
  12. Centaurea cineraria
  13. Salvia sp.
  14. Yucca aloifolia / 14A - Lycianthes rantonnetii / 14B Narcissus sp.
  15. Jacaranda mimosifolia
  16. Salvia discolor
  17. Ajuga reptans
  18. Jasminum sambac
  19. Kolkwitzia amabilis
  20. Phlomis sp.
  21. Achillea umbellata
  22. Ailanthus altissima
  23. Abutilon pictum 'Thompsonii'
  24. Euphorbia myrsinites
  25. Ballota acetabulosa
  26. Oxalis articulata
  27. Dianthus sp.
  28. Salvia broussonetii
  29. Convolvulus floridus
  30. Homalocladium platycladum
  31. Euphorbia cyparissias
  32. Clematis terniflora 'Mandshurica'
  33. Bougainvillea
  34. Salvia microphylla
  35. Centranthus ruber
  36. Agapanthus praecox
  37. Euonymus japonicus
  38. Ruellia simplex formerly R. brittoniana
  39. Pistacia lentiscus

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