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A map of Sparoza

The photograph at the top of this page is a view looking west to Sparoza and Mount Hymettos in an evening in October, with Drimia maritima growing wild in the foreground (Photo Lucinda Willan)

This new set of maps of Sparoza and detailed lists of plants in the garden have been created on a pro bono basis by horticulturist-landscape architect and MGS member Dr Lena Anathasiadou with the aid of AUTh landscape architecture students Alexandros Mpantogias and Antonia Psaropoulou. The designs are based on the plant inventory compiled by MGS members Sally Razelou and Marie Ruffier-Monet in 2020 and on hand-made plans drawn by Jennifer Gay in 2001.

The master plan (below) shows a key to individual areas of the garden, each of which has its own detailed map and list of plants.

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click here to download as a pdf

  1. The Desert
  2. Threshing Floor
  3. South Shrubbery
  4. Succulent Terraces
  5. The Sally Gardens (Phrygana)
  6. Aloe Bed
  7. Terraces
  8. Derek's Garden
  9. Pools
  10. The Hillside
  11. Nursery
  12. Shrubbery
  13. Walled Garden
  14. Woodland Border
  15. East Terrace
  16. Dry Bed

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